Woof Woof

“Woof, Woof. — Woof.”

“What is it Lassie? You say that Timmy has fallen down the old mine shaft and broken his leg? You run on ahead, and I’ll get a rope.”

“Timmy! Timmy. Can you hear me?”

“What do you want Dad?”

“Timmy? What are you doing up here?”

“I saw you running with a rope and I thought I’d follow.”

“Lassie said that you had fallen down the mineshaft.”

“Dad. Don’t believe everything Lassie says. Come on home and have milk and cookies.”


“Woof, Woof–Woof, Woof.”

“What’s that? The pigs are loose and are in the corn crib? I better corral em up.”

“Well, it looks like the pigs are just fine. I don’t have to do nothing about it.”



“What? You say that Darrel our hired man is making love to my  wife down in the basement? Wait till I get my shotgun. Never can trust a good looking hired man.”

“Amos! What are you doing down here in the basement with a shotgun while I’m doing the laundry?”

“Well, I just wanted a clean rag to wipe it off.”

“There’s plenty of clean rags up stairs. If you want clean overhauls for tomorrow you better leave me alone.”


“Woof, Woof. –Woof. –Woof.”

“What’s that Lassie? You say that little Sally has her foot stuck in the railroad track and the 4:20 will run over her?  By golly. It’s almost 4:20 now. We better hurry.

Wait a minute! I can hear the train, but I don’t see Sally. Oh My God! I got my foot caught in the track and here comes the 4:20!



“That was a nice funeral. Brung tears to my eyes.”

“It sure was Darrel. Now that I got rid of that old coot you and I don’t have to sneak around anymore. We can spend  more time in  bed. I’ll get someone else to milk the cows. And I owe it all to Lassie. What a smart dog.”

“Woof. Woof. Woof.”

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