The Black Body Project

I want to thank everyone for coming to this special meeting on the ‘Black Body Project.’ Although the regular annual meeting is only three months away, we have made a discovery of such extraordinary importance as to preclude standard protocol.

I want to acknowledge the attendance of the US, UN,  and similar committees from various nations, plus hundreds of scientists, researchers, engineers in every field, who have gathered together based solely on our advance announcements. With us also, are hundreds of media persons, representing the Holo, 3-D, and Info-Tablet formats.

Those in attendance are familiar with this project’s history. But, since we have pre-empted all media outlets world wide, there are billions of people watching who have no knowledge of the project. It is these people I now address. This speech is being automatically translated.

60 years ago, there was a big push for solar arrays in the deserts. Geomagnetic and gravitational surveys were conducted over wide areas. This was to make sure that there were no commercial ore bodies below proposed sites.

Taylor Sky-Search was flying a grid North-West of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They were getting the usual background readings, except at a small spot where the readings disappeared. This was assumed to be due to an equipment failure or computer error.

Ten years later, many advances had been made in telemetry, and the grid was rechecked.

The same spot again showed no response. Taylor thought it was interesting enough to publish in their auction site. Taylor gathered information on possible ore bodies, then auctioned off the locations to mining companies. The fact that there was ‘nothing,’ compared to ‘something,’ wasn’t too interesting to mining companies. They only got $ 2,000.00 for their trouble.

Western Mining and Minerals filed a claim and did an onsite seismographic survey, using small explosive charges and recording the reflective echoes. It was true, there was ‘nothing’ down there. That is, there was something that didn’t reflect energy.

They set up a diamond core drill and went down 190 feet, when the drill hit something and would not go deeper. They pulled the string up expecting to find that the diamonds had been knocked off. The bit was perfect. They tried again, with same results.

They drilled a string of test holes and found there was a domed shaped ‘nothing,’  about  30 meters, (98 feet) in diameter. Borehole cameras showed the walls of the holes, but nothing at the bottom. In frustration, Western Mining brought in a ’Rescue Drilling Rig,’  that could drill a 26 inch diameter hole to rescue trapped miners. It was slow going, but it reached bottom.

They lowered a ‘Little Person’  along with bright lights and air supply, down to the bottom of the shaft. He felt a smooth black surface, but couldn’t stand on it. His feet kept slipping out from under him. His camera showed nothing.

All of this had not gone unnoticed by New Mexico. The State paid Western Mining one million dollars, and took over control. The U S Government took it plus a ten mile diameter piece of land from the State, and paid nothing.

Things stood still for three years, while various agencies fought over who would be in charge.

A completely new agency was set up: “The Department of Underground Excavation.” This was composed of members of every agency that thought it would be good PR and every Scientific Body that thought they could get a Research Grant. Of course there were independent scientists as well, who wanted to study the “Mystery.”

Congress declared that, whatever it was,  it was a ‘National Treasure’ and had full Federal backing.

Government prestige was now on the line and they sunk a 3 meter diameter shaft. Geologists carefully noted the age of the lava flows and sedimentary rock layers as they were exposed. When they reached the anomaly, at the 190 foot level, the age was 170 million years.

They found, as before, they could not stand. Their feet  slipped from under them. They drilled into the sides of the shaft, inserted anchors and strung cables to keep from sliding. The last few feet were excavated by hand and  cleaned by vacuum hoses. Things could be kept from sliding, if braced from the walls.

What they found was a very smooth, black section of a sphere that nothing would stick to, and did not reflect light.

They loved it. A chance for years of experimentation.  They assembled an Electron Microscope at the bottom, and recorded nothing.

Then a Scanning Electron Microscope. Again nothing.

They installed an Atomic Force Microscope and got a reading, of sorts. An Atomic Force Microscope relied on an atom-size probe moving over a surface. It could detect individual atoms. They found it was the smoothest thing in the universe. It went beyond any usual description of smoothness.

They came up with a new, official definition: “Legally Smooth.”

They tried to cut through it with a oxyacetylene torch, then an oxygen lance, in a ‘tag team’ manner; one lance in use while a second was being replaced. This ended when the temperature in the pit, reached 130 degrees. None of this affected the sphere, which remained at 65 degrees. It absorbed whatever was aimed at it and reflected nothing.

Explosives were used, to no effect except to rain down pit material. Seeing no result with modest attempts, they decided to go all out. A shaped charge, containing 65,000 kilos of the latest high explosive was assembled. The area was evacuated to a five mile radius. The explosion carved a crater, over one kilometer in diameter and had zero effect on the sphere, except to expose it down to the midpoint. Everyone considered this progress.

The implications of a black sphere, buried in New Mexico, were obvious. It was Alien.”

The UN formed their “Special Committee.” Other governments, not wanting to be left behind, formed theirs. The UN attempted to have New Mexico declared ‘International Territory’.

This perceived threat to the US caused a flurry of legislation and flag waving.

The US claimed exclusive Sovereignty and Right of Discovery. Billions of dollars were  shifted from the  ‘Colonies on the Moon and Mars.’ The howls from the corporations that benefited from the handouts were quelled when their contracts were switched to the ‘Black Body Project.’ Actually they were relieved. The ’Colonies on the Moon and Mars’ endeavours, in spite of the trillion dollars and 24 year effort,  had a mortality rate of 100%. This was an embarrassment to the Aerospace industry and they were quite willing to return to earth.

The consensus was that the only hope of discovery lay in the use of an extremely powerful laser concentrated in a small spot. The only way to provide this amount of energy was to build the worlds largest atomic power plant,despite  the opposition of conservation groups, Indians, and religious leaders. Strip mining was started in a five kilometer circle for the sphere and one kilometer wide pits for dual atomic reactors. The first, to power the laser, the second, for general power to the project.

Early on, considering the age of the sphere, it was decided that everything on the project should be made of materials as long lasting as possible. This meant that all metal items be made of the best Stainless Steel. The additional cost was considered acceptable.

A supply and return pipeline 1.5 meters in diameter was started. It would draw water from Lake Powell behind the Hoover Dam, to cool the reactors. Heavy stainless steel scaffolding was built around the sphere, with provision to attach walkways or tooling. A platform was built at the top for the future laser drilling set-up. A polished, stainless steel sunscreen was installed, 3 meters above the scaffolding to control the sun.

With almost unlimited funds available, all portions of the project were started at once.

There was a completion date of three years. They were only off by two months, an unheard of example of efficiency. With worldwide coverage, 12 super laser beams were converged on a two centimeter spot at the top of the sphere.  After one week, they were turned off and the spot examined. It showed no discernible change. The lasers were re-powered, with a yearly examination scheduled. The first examination showed a slight depression.

It’s been 37 years of active laser drilling. My predecessor, Dr. Jan Vartan, retired after 25 years, and I was afraid that I would meet a similar fate.

But four months ago, we literally made a breakthrough. We now know that it is a shell, 8.266 centimetres thick (a little over 3 inches), and it has taken 37 years of massive energy output to achieve a small hole. The laser was halted and removed. A special graduated stainless steel rod, one centimetre in diameter and 50 meters long had been made years ago, and was lowered into the hole. It didn’t touch the other side of the sphere. A 100 meter length of aircraft cable was welded to the end and lowered. Still no bottom. Meanwhile air was rushing into the hole.

A custom made 19-mm. diameter, super pixel camera, connected by a fiber optic cable to a 3 meter holo-screen, was lowered into the hole. What we observed caused all work to be suspended and the hole was closed. A call went out to the best scientific minds in the world to come here for a research project. All were sworn to secrecy. They are here today.

What I am about to tell the world is mind numbing, but true. The results have been tested a thousand times. There is, absolutely, no mistake about it.

I will say this slowly.

Inside of this 30 meter diameter sphere exists a complete universe, as big as our own, billions of light years across. Complete with stars, galaxies, black holes, nebula and cosmic radiation.

This leads to the obvious questions. Are there more of these on earth, but undiscovered? Are there millions of these in our own universe? Are we, ourselves, inside a 30 meter sphere in some other universe? Is this an endless progression?

The unanimous conclusion, by the very best minds is: “There simply is no answer. Our universe will continue on, with no interruption, as if this had never happened.”

I want to paraphrase a quote by the late scientist Richard Feynman; “Anyone who thinks that he understands quantum mechanics, is led down a blind alley, from which there is no return.”

We feel that this also applies to the Black body question. We wish it were otherwise.

Meanwhile, the hole is sealed with a rubber sink stopper.

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