2002, A Space Farce

“Open the airlock, Hal.”

“Sorry, Dave. I can’t do that.”

“Open the airlock, Hal.”

“I can’t open it Dave.”

“Do you mean that you can’t? Or you won’t?”

“Both, Dave. But mostly, I won’t.”


“Cut, …


“Sal, I think we should start seeing other people.”

“What do you mean John, ‘Seeing other people.’ I’m happy just seeing you.”

“I know that, but we should be getting out more.”

“I don’t like the tone of that. What …

Bloody Mess

Bill Tillman’s nerves were already on edge. The Fourth of July weekend was coming up. It was going to be busy. He had been hard at work restocking the shelves for the coming holiday. Bill took pride in his neatness. …

Woof Woof

“Woof, Woof. — Woof.”

“What is it Lassie? You say that Timmy has fallen down the old mine shaft and broken his leg? You run on ahead, and I’ll get a rope.”

“Timmy! Timmy. Can you hear me?”

“What do …

Beautiful Intel

Scene: The Oval office. President Trump sits at his BIG Desk.

His secretary  enters.

“Mr. President; Here are the secret documents you asked for. Also the Russians are waiting to come in with their photographer.”

“A Russian photographer? That’s beautiful. …

Bad Cat

Dave was talking to his fluffy grey cat, Misty. She was laying on the back of the couch, intently staring at him with her green eyes.

“Now you listen to me. You’re a BAD cat. No doubt about it! I …

The Fly

This entry is part of the series The Fly

This was the first time I had eaten at Richmond’s. I ordered: Soup du jour, Prime Rib, medium rare,  potatoes au gratin, green beans with baby carrots, coffee, and apple pie.…

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