Darlington Station

Ursula picked up Paul when he got off the 6:20 from New York. They had dinner, watched TV and crawled into bed. They always slept naked, a holdover from their wedding night. She snuggled up to him and started to play around. Nothing.

He said “Honey, I’ve a really hard day. let’s put it off.” That happened three days running.

She snapped on the light and sat up in bed. “Paul, we have to do something.”

“Yeah, but what?”

The next time Paul got off the 6:20 at Darlington, he didn’t see Ursula. On the the platform he saw a Parisian whore. Black beret, red lips, dangling cigarette, black and white striped top, no bra, black mini skirt, and high heels. He went over and looked carefully. “Ursula?”

“No.” She said in a French accent. “She ez weeth other customer. I am Fifi. I weel make love for 100 American dollars. You have?”

Paul went over to the ATM and withdrew the 100 dollars. She tucked it between her breasts. She tossed away her cigarette, threw her arms around his neck, leaped up and wrapped a two bare legs around his butt and kissed him hard. The people on the the platform were astonished.

“I weel take you home an’ fucks ze brains out. Oui?”

At home she undressed him and laid him on the bed. He was already hard. Fifi took off her beret, slipped out of her top and sat on top of Paul. She lifted up her skirt, no panties. My god! she shaved her pussy. She DID fuck his brains out. She was Fifi for a week.

The people waiting on the Darlington platform, were housewives like Ursula. They all had a nodding acquaintance and gossiped. “What’s going on, Ursula?”

“I’m adding spice to our love life.”

“Does it work?”

“You better believe it.” Everyone was envious, including the other husbands.

Then she was Tatiana, an imperious Russian aristocrat out of Tolstoy. Then Mei Ling, a Chinese princess. Conchita a Spanish bombshell. Then a ‘Sound of Music,’ German girl in a peasant outfit.

She had a natural ability with make up and accents. With different wigs and clothes, she could transform herself into anyone. With a blond wig,  pushup bra and makeup, she was Marylin Monroe. Paul never knew what to expect.

The other wives decided to tart themselves up. They went to gyms and took off unwanted pounds. Got sexier clothes. New makeup, wigs. The Darlington platform became a riot of color. It begin to look like the Cannes Film Festival. Husbands now had to hunt for their wives. Sometimes with hilarious results.

The station became famous. They added two minutes to the stop. They made a fortune selling extra tickets. They started an Ad Campaign using Paul and the ‘Fifi’s’, at a hundred thou. a year.

The law of unintended consequences pays well.

(Written  Aug. 21, 2016 )  

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