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MUSIC: (quietly in background)  “Rustles of Spring.”

It’s dark.

We see it getting lighter as the sun is about to rise.

As the sun peeps over the horizon, we start to see a pine forest, with a smooth green plain in front of it.

The music  gets louder as the sun gets higher. As the music reaches it’s climax, the sun is fully up.

We see the beautiful forest in detail. A few deer and sheep peacefully grazing on the green meadow

5 beats

We see some large trucks pull up on the grass. Workmen get out and start erecting a big billboard.


Back hoes, bulldozers, and dump trucks, start to excavate for the underground parking. A string of square holes start to appear along the edge of the forest.

There seems to be trouble in one of the pits. Workmen and supervisors gather around.

There seems to be the end of a large root, sticking up in the center hole. They decide to yank it out with a truck and chain. They loop the chain around the root and hook it to the truck and try to pull it out. It won’t budge. They try a bulldozer, same thing.  They get all five bulldozers and five trucks. They hook a chain from the back of each truck, to the front of each dozer.  Then a chain from the back of each dozer, looped around the root. They all  take up the slack.

MUSIC:  Hall of the Mountain King, played quietly in the background.

The supervisor  gives a signal and they all start to move slowly forward. It works ! The root is being pulled from the ground.

But in the background, a funny thing is happening. The trees of the pine forest are being pulled underground, like in a Bugs Bunny Cartoon. Floop! Floop! Floop! They disappear, as the trucks and dozers creep forward. Soon, there is no more forest. It’s just raw land.

We see some deer and forest animals making their escape.

Music plays, as more truck and workman start building high rise apartments on the raw land, in a frenzy of construction ( following the beat of the music. ) The once green meadow turns brown. The new development fills up with people and cars.

Climax of music.

Later, slower, sombre music. Less people. Less cars. Buildings starting to deteriorate and fall apart. Soon, an abandoned city.


Some officials come and inspect the area.  A billboard goes up.


  Workman start to tear down the front apartments. and fill in the parking garages.

There seems to be a problem in one of the holes. a huge mass of concrete is in the bottom. They try to pull it out with a bulldozer. No luck. They hook up a dozen dozers and start to move off. It works !

But the concrete is a long block. As they pull, apartments start to be pulled into the ground.  Floop! Floop! Floop! Soon all the apartments are gone.

MUSIC: The same Rustles of Spring. start quietly

Trucks filled with pine trees arrive and workman plant them. Soon the pine forest is back where it was, with deer and animals. The meadow is green again, with sheep grazing.

The music reaches a climax. Fade to black.

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