We went back the next day. That night we was a little brighter.  I thought: “Well, a good thing is a good thing.” I thought that it could be a real saving on kerosene.  Us and the kids brought blankets and slept in the circle for a week straight.

As Human as You Are

The entry chime sounded. Andy looked at the security monitor then opened the door. “Andrew Thornton? I’m Thomas Benton, of ‘Companion’s Inc’. I have the package in our delivery van. If we can get a palm print and a retina scan, I will make the delivery. Just put your right …


“Sal, I think we should start seeing other people.” “What do you mean John, ‘Seeing other people.’ I’m happy just seeing you.” “I know that, but we should be getting out more.” “I don’t like the tone of that. What are you leading up to. You want to break up …

Green Pills

There are people who don’t take Green Pills. They are called, “Stoppers”. Real nuts. Look just like normal folks, but they talk about Reality and The Truth, and how it will Set You Free. They stand on street corners handing out literature.

The Black Body Project

A completely new agency was set up: “The Department of Underground Excavation.” This was composed of members of every agency that thought it would be good PR and every Scientific Body that though they could get a Research Grant. Of course, there were independent scientists, who wanted to study the “Mystery.”