Panther Girl– a halloween special

John Thompson,  head of J T Industries, (JTI), was at the Halloween office party.

He saw a woman— girl really, in a black cat suit. She had a 2 inch rhinestone choker around her neck and rhinestone cuffs. Utterly adorable. He licked his lips. He asked his Personal Assistant, Benton; “Who is that woman over there with the cat ears.”

“I don’t know Sir.”

“Well, find out.”

Benton returned. “Her name is Catherine James.”

“Miss or Mrs?”

“Miss, I think.”

“Bring her over.”


“Mr. Thompson would like to talk to you.” He led her over. “Miss James, this is Mr. Thompson.”

Besides the rhinestones,  Miss James was wearing a black velvet panther costume. It fit like a glove on a stunning body. “How do you do, Miss James. Would you remove your mask?”

The room became quiet. They were watching the performance. She took it off and looked up at him. Her tail twitched. (How did she do that?). Beautiful face, red lips, dark hair, brown eyes with flecks of gold. She smiled. Her tail swished back and forth. He had just found the woman of his dreams. John Thompson had been in love with Catherine James, all his life.

“Will you marry me?” Her eyes grew wide. Benton’s jaw dropped open. Just like that: “Will you marry me?”

Flustered, she said; “I don’t even know you.” It sounded so  corny, she repeated it with more respect. “I don’t even know you, Mr. Thompson.”

“We’ll fix that. Benton, Miss James is my new Personal Assistant. Teach her everything you know.”

“But, Mr. Thompson, I, I mean, I don’t know if I can do that.”

“Don’t worry, Benton. I’ll give you an extra twenty thousand and make you a Vice President of something.”

Miss James was very intelligent and insightful. In six months, she knew as much as Benton.

John assembled the Board Members, Division managers, Department Heads, and Executive Staff. They filled the room. He introduced Miss Catherine James as his new Personal Assistant. He said;  “Her orders were the same as my orders, and to be acted on, as if they came from me.”  As this news sank in, the room became still. (“Jesus H. Fucking Christ. What was happening?  She’s fucked her way to the very top!”)

But that was not true. She allowed nothing. It drove John crazy. He proposed time  and again. Even if married, he could always dump her for a better choice. Finally a  frustrated Mr. Johnson, held a mini-news conference. A camera crew, all his lawyers and advisors. He said; “I have made a one page document. It is both a Prenuptial Agreement, and a Will. It is unambiguous and means exactly what it says. It shall not be challenged or misinterpreted in any other way. These gentlemen shall sign as witnesses.”


              signed:  John  Thompson.

This was unheard of. It sent shock waves in the legal profession, who’s very existence depend on complex verbiage. He gave her a big engagement ring, a wide diamond choker and cuffs, by Van Cleef and Arpels. Her wedding ring was a simple gold band. He had wanted her to wear a white panther suit as a wedding gown.

She said; “No. But she would wear the diamond choker.”  She was a beauty in white and diamonds.

On their wedding night, John had her put on the panther suit. He kissed and petted her. Said he loved her forever.  He had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. He slowly peeled the black velvet off. She was gorgeous. They screwed themselves silly.

John, like most kids, grew up reading comic books. Superman, Batman, The Green Lantern, and many others. These were old ones he found in the basement. There were the “White Jungle Goddess,” comics. The most popular was; ‘Sheena Queen of the Jungle.’ They were all the same. A white baby, lost her parents and was raised by jungle natives. She was always beautiful. Great body. Long legs. Always wore a leopard skin bikini, and ran around barefoot, or swung through trees on vines. She was worshiped by the natives, except for an evil Medicine Man, who tried to turn everyone against her.

His favorite was; ‘Panther Girl Comics’  It was about ‘Tanya”, the Panther Girl. She had dark hair and wore a panther skin bikini. But Tanya was different. At night, she could turn into a Black Panther, and wreak vengeance on ‘Evil Doers.’

There were always plenty of ‘Evil Doers’ in the jungle. Rogue White Hunters, poachers, Arab slave traders, animal trappers for circuses, diamond hunters abusing the natives. And of course Nazis, who were always establishing secret bases in the jungle. As a Panther, she would leap on the back of the miscreant, bite his neck then rip his guts out. Very bloody. Very violent. These were written before the Comic Code sanitized comic books.

John would read about her and masturbate. Getting closer and closer. Each story ended with Tanya, the Panther, laying on a tree trunk, looking at you and licking her paws.  She had a sleek black head, black ears and brown eyes, with flecks of gold. This is when John always came on the last page, looking at the beautiful Black Panther’s head.

Two months before the Halloween party, Catherine bought four yards of  lycra spandex velvet. Soft and black as ink. It had a three way stretch. She found an elderly Jewish taylor, Samuel Goldbloom, who hand-made custom clothes for Ultra-Orthodox Jews. She said that she wanted a panther outfit that fitted like a glove.

Mr. Goldbloom had never had a lady customer in his life. He said; “How can I make such a pattern?”

Catherine locked the door and said; “Off of me.” She undressed. He had never seen anything so glorious in his life. An angel down from heaven. “Yes, he would do it.”

Catherine said that she would be nude underneath. No bra, no panties. He had to mold the lycra around her breasts and rear. And no camel toes. Mr. Goldbloom didn’t know what a camel toe was. She showed him with a piece of cloth tucked into her vagina.

“You learn something every day,” said Mr. Goldbloom.

He started at the bottom. Velvet stockings, that went under velvet tights. Every seam was invisible. Hand sewn with black silk thread. He put a wide, black grosgrain ribbon in the crotch to prevent a camel toe.

The top had a fine invisible zipper up the back. He took extra time to make sure the velvet cupped her breasts perfectly. She loved it. There was no ridge where the top went over her tights. The hood had a tiny zipper part way up. The velvet covered her throat, her ears and hair. It surrounded her beautiful face. The velvet ears were to die for. All this was kept in place under the top, with four tiny snaps. The tail contained a black ribbon for strength and a soft cotton filler. Black velvet slippers completed it all.

He made sure that the grain of the velvet, ran in the same direction. If you ran your hand down, and he did, it was smooth to her toes.

Catherine bought some invisible thread from a magic shop. He sewed it about 8 inches from the end of her tail. Then ran it through the rear at her butt. They stuck the ends to each side of her cheeks with surgical tape. He loved this part. When everything was perfect, she tried it on. When she clenched each side of her butt, the tail swung back and forth. If she clenched both at once, it twitched. She was ready for Halloween.

Mr. Goldbloom almost had a heart attack. He said that he had been in the wrong business all his life. If he had been Catholic he would have gone to confession every day. Being Jewish he thanked God every night.

Every night, after she and John were married, Catherine would put on the panther suit and slink into bed. He would hold her and kiss her. Tell her how much he loved her. Stroke her from head to toe. It drove them crazy with lust. After he undressed her, they would fuck and suck till exhausted. The panther suit was well made, but couldn’t stand up under this constant abuse. It started to fray and come apart. She returned to Mr. Goldbloom’s.

He had moved. It was now: ‘Sam Gold’s Costumery.’ Gone were the bolts of black cloth. It was a riot of color. He made high end costumes for the trade and the wealthy. He hired two sewers to keep up with the orders. When Catherine returned, he locked the door and molded a new costume to her perfect body. He still hand sewed it with black silk thread. No charge. She kissed him on the cheek. He had his first erection in twenty years. He said; “Come back any time.”

She came back every three months for a replacement. It was always free, paid for by a kiss on the cheek. Mr Goldbloom was so happy for the kiss and the erection. Life was good.

Catherine was enthusiastic about her husbands panther fetish. she said; “Why don’t we get a real panther, like those Saudi Princes have? We could lead it around on a leash.”

John thought it was great idea and checked into it. All the experts said; “It was a dangerous game. They could be socialized but not domesticated. They were wild animals, after all. Besides, they would have to start out very young.”

They studied all about panthers. There was more than one kind. Some from Asia. Some from Africa. Some from South America. They threw up their hands. There were too many kinds. They checked all the ‘Big Cat’ Wildlife Sanctuaries. Did they have any newborn panthers? Only one said yes. They were expecting a litter. You had to donate $ 20,000 and guarantee a good home. They flew out and came back with the cutest black kitten you ever saw. Catherine wanted to name her ‘Pussy.’ John insisted on Tanya.

She was so cute everyone loved her. Catherine in her black velvet cat suit, cuddled the kitten in her arms. Tanya thought that Catherine was her panther mother. Tanya grew faster than most, because she got all the food she wanted. Tanya grew from a small black cat, to a large black cat. Then from small black panther, to a large one. She was a sweetheart. Loved to be petted. Had a deep throaty purr, and brown eyes flecked with gold. She would sleep under the covers with John and Catherine.

When John had his arms wrapped around Tanya, he always got horny. He and Catherine would go at it quietly, so as not to disturb her. It was a stimulus to an exotic love life.

When Tanya got bigger, they remodeled the big master bedroom. At the long end, they had a fat tree limb set out from the wall with a sleeping pad underneath. On one  side, they had a plumber install a big stainless steel food pan, with a water rinse to a  garbage disposal. On the other, a ‘Poo Pan’ where she could do her business. It flushed into the sewer. They taught Tanya how to use them. (Who said, that you can’t teach a panther tricks)?  With a self-filling water bowl, an eye bolt into the wall, and a self-close door to the hall, they were all set. John bought a stout leather collar, covered with Cubic Zirconia cut gems. They had more sparkle than the real diamond choker that Catherine wore. With Tanya hooked to a titanium chain, the servants could change the linens and clean up. (Before, they had to lock Tanya in the bathroom.)

John went all out on the jungle theme. He had jungle murals painted on the walls. He installed special lighting including, ‘Moon light’. You could even get jungle noises at the touch of a button. Just like a Hollywood movie. It didn’t matter to Tanya since she never knew what a jungle was. But it mattered to John in his jungle panther fantasies. Catherine went along. What else could she do?

Tanya was still a sweetheart even when they were screwing. But the minute they did it Doggy Style, she went crazy.  Screaming, snarling, leaping the length of her chain to get at John. It must have triggered an instinctual memory of leaping on the back of an antelope and gutting it. Any other position was fine. One night the collar broke, sending diamonds flying. Tanya bit John’s neck as her talons ripped open his stomach. Covered with blood, the naked Catherine ran screaming down the hall. The staff called 911. The police arrived and were told what was behind the door. They called the Swat Team.

The Swat Team didn’t want to open the door. Especially when they heard a  panther thud against it. Instead they took a shotgun and blasted a six inch hole. The first person to peer in lost his helmet and an ear to a black paw and sharp claws. That settled it. They started firing through the hole at a panther bouncing off the walls. A lucky shot hit her in the heart. They waited a half an hour before going in. The bedroom was a disaster. Blood and bullet holes everywhere.

The maid sat Catherine in a warm tub. Washed her hair and scrubbed the dried blood off her body. She put her in the guest room and held her till the shuddering stopped.

They took what was left of John out of the food pan, and put it in a body bag. It would be a closed casket funeral.

The papers and the tabloids had a field day. Panther Woman. Panther  Voodoo Cult. You name it, they printed it.

That one page prenup was upheld in the courts. She now owned everything. A vast empire. The news stories changed. They were about a brave woman dominated by a madman. She returned to the office a month later.  She said; “The loss of John was a terrible blow, but she would try to carry on.” J T I  prospered. She had the bedroom repaired and ‘re-jungled.’ They removed the plumbing.


Four months before the Halloween party, Miss James from PR, had to deliver a file to Mr. Johnson.

She went on her lunch time. The floor was empty, as was his office. A bottom drawer was open. she checked. It was full of old ‘Panther Girl’ Comics.’ One was still sticky. My God! He was masturbating to old comic books. She left. Someone else delivered the report. And after his death, someone delivered the contents of his desk to his widow.

A  naked Catherine got into the big bed and fluffed up the pillows. She reached over to the built-in drawer and took out her big Hitachi vibrator and an old comic book. She teased herself while reading about ‘Tanya the Panther Girl.’ When she got to the last page, she ground it in and held it there. A solid half hour cum. She slipped into her black Panther suit, and stretched out on the limb.

It had taken a full  year of flexing Tanya’s collar back and forth in the same spot, enough to weaken it.

(Written Oct. 19, 2016)

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