Chang Makes It Better

The small sign said: C T CHANG. Potions, Nostrums and Pills.

A tall, good looking couple pushed open the door. A light came on. They saw a small Chinese man, dressed in red silk robes.

“We are Bill and Anne Trainer, and you must be Mr. Chang.”

“Have very good eyesight. What Chang do for you?”

“Well, Mr. Chang, it’s very a embarrassing problem. We hope you can help.”

“If embarrassed, must be about sex.”

“It’s something we’ve been hiding for a long time.”

“Chang find ‘Hiding for long time’, make problem worse.”

“ Mr. Chang: I have a very small penis. At school, the kids used to call me ‘Tiny Tinkle,’ or ‘Weenie Dick’. It made extremely self conscious, and I was afraid to date girls.”

“Small dick, always problem. What Mrs. Trainer problem?”

“It’s my breasts, Mr Chang. I’m flat as a board. In school, they called me: ‘Boardwalk’, or ‘Ironing Board tits.’ I had no self esteem. My life was hell.”

“Tits look good to Chang.”

“It’s all padding, Mr Chang. Every bit of it. Bill and I met and fell in love. We dated for a year, but never touched each other. We were afraid what the other would find out the truth.”

“You can’t believe how frustrating that was, Mr. Chang. Finally I could stand it no longer. I told her about my tiny penis, and she told me about her flat breasts. That was the last  barrier. We got married, and are deeply in love, but we do the best we can. We hope you can help us.”

“If you have credit card, Chang can help. Take Visa or Master Card.”

“Mr. Chang. We both have high limit cards.”

Mr Chang went in the other room. The doorknob hummed. He returned with two bottles.

“These are Dick and Tit pills. Average dick, 5 1/2“ long. ‘D’ pills make 6” long, so bigger than average. ‘T’ pills make tits 36-D, much bigger than average. You happy. Take one pill each week, for 3 months. Must eat good nutrition. Plenty of protein.  Make grow.”

“Oh, Mr Chang, we will be forever grateful.”

“ Can do Chang favor?”

“Oh yes, anything.”

“Chang, old man. In 3 months, make porno movie for Chang. Every position. Make happy.”

“Of corse we will, Mr. Chang.”

The couple left. Mr. Chang went to the front door and locked it, then went over to the other door, and turned the knob. The door slid into the wall. A tall, handsome, and young Dr. Chang, entered a gleaming, white, medical lab. His assistant, the beautiful Miss Chow, met him with a kiss.

“Wow!, that was some gift. You saved their marriage. So romantic. The idea of watching them in a porno, really gets me hot. Let’s make our own. I’ll put my feet up in the stirrups, and you can let that monster go. That’s it! That’s it! Oh God! Oh God! More! More! Oh God! Don’t stop!

          (Written March  6, 2016)

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