We have been to Hawaii 8 times. A lot of fun. We also have been to Timeshare presentations. A good way to see some free entertainment.

Here’s how it works, or used to, anyway. Along the main drag in Waikiki, …

Crazy Columbo

“Columbo” was a long running TV series; 69 episodes, from, 1971 to 2003. 39 years total.

It starred Peter Falk  as Lieutenant Columbo of the LAPD Homicide Division. It won many awards and included top name actors. The first episode …


“Eduardo! Stop that!”

“Stop what?”

“You know what! If my father caught us he would kill you, and send me to a convent.”

“Oh, but Margherita. You are already killing me. I shall die if I don’t have you.”

“Well …

Beautiful Intel

Scene: The Oval office. President Trump sits at his BIG Desk.

His secretary  enters.

“Mr. President; Here are the secret documents you asked for. Also the Russians are waiting to come in with their photographer.”

“A Russian photographer? That’s beautiful. …


When Crown Prince Allen SilverSpoon turned 20, his royal parents, King and Queen SilverSpoon,  told him he should get married and preserve the Royal Line.  A kingdom without an heir would rapidly degenerate into a despotism or a democracy, whichever …

50 Cents

I went to Grammar School during the depression. I’m talking about the Soup Kitchen, Bread Line, depression of the 30’s. I don’t think it was that bad in Southern California, because of the warm climate.

I was born in Chicago, …

20 Cents

“That’s it, Chester. You owe me one dollar, and I have to say, you should wash up more.”

“Thank you Laviney, that was real nice.”

“That may be, Chester, but you still owe me a dollar.”

“I can’t do it, …

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