Commuter Express

William Taylor was a Junior Executive. He took the 6:15 Express into Manhattan each morning. Like others, his nose was buried an a laptop, reports, or snoozing. Nobody looked out the window.

Until the morning Bill glanced up. DAMN! Did he just see a naked woman standing in a window? His laptop said; 7:03.

The next morning he was ready. Yup. 7:03. She was looking out the window stark naked. What the hell?

Bill started to look out the train window. There was a whole world out there. Farm lands, buildings, back yards, people, trees, kids riding bicycles, cars, and dogs. When did this happen?

But the lady held his interest. Sometimes she was sitting at a table with her back to the window, or sideways, or looking out. But always completely naked. In small towns, there were and three story apartments that backed up to the tracks. with an alley way between. They couldn’t be more than 30 feet away. It was the highlight of his day.

Where was 7:03? Bill called the railroad. “How fast does the Commuter Express train go?” They did 60 in the country, and for safety reasons, 40 through the towns. Well that was something, but it didn’t help much.

One morning she smiled at him. He was sure of it. The next morning she looked right at him and smiled. Fireworks of love exploded in his head. He had to find her.

He bought a GO-PRO and set it on the window ledge. He turned it on at 7:00. He watched on on his Mac. He saw the train slow to 40 as it went by the apartments. He went frame by frame, till he came to the window.

She was smiling in slow motion. She looked him and beamed. He blew up the frame and printed it. She was simply beautiful. Light brown hair, sweet face, great breasts. He tried to find it on Google Maps. No luck.

Bill bought a GPS and got the coordinates of her window. He typed them into Google. It was Helmsville. A small town between stations.

Monday, Bill told his boss that he was coming down with something and was going to take a couple of days off. Tuesday he took a local to the nearest station, rented a car and drove to Helmsville. He checked into a Helmsville motel.

She lived at the Bradley Arms. “Weekly Rates.” What was he going to say? “I’ve been spying on you?”

“I looked at you naked?”

“I’m in love with you?”


It was crazy, but it was all or nothing. He got up early Wednesday. Dressed, had breakfast, shaved and went up stairs at the Bradley. At exactly 7:03 he knocked on her door. It opened. She was a 5’-5” nude beauty. Blue eyes, ruby lips, great makeup, curly brown hair, long legs, great breasts with hardened nipples. A dream come true. She said; “I’ve been waiting for you.” William Taylor stepped in and she closed the door.

Thursday at 8:am, Tim Jones was looking out train window and saw a beautiful woman, naked, in an apartment house window. It was love at first sight.

It took some time and effort, but he found out about Helmsville.

He took Friday off and knocked at 8:am. The door was opened by the most exquisite creature he had ever seen. She said; “I’ve been waiting for you.” Tim stepped inside and she closed the door.

(written July 9, 2017)

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