As Human as You Are

The entry chime sounded. Andy looked at the security monitor then opened the door.

“Andrew Thornton? I’m Thomas Benton, of ‘Companion’s Inc’. I have the package in our delivery van. If we can get a palm print and a retina scan, I will make the delivery. Just put your right palm on this tablet and look into the eyepiece.”

The tablet and the eyepiece both said, “Approved.”

“Thank you, Mr. Thornton. We can’t be too careful. I’ll be back in five minutes.”

The door chimed again. Andy opened it to see the most beautiful women he could ever imagine. She had an upswept hair do and was dressed in a Grecian top, with a short white skirt with gold trim. She was wearing golden sandals.

“Mr. Thornton, This is Cindy, the ‘Blonde Greek Goddess’, you ordered. She will tell you all about herself.”

“Hello, Andy. I’m Cindy. I’m blonde, 5’- 5” tall, weigh 112 pounds. My breasts are 36D, with the lactating option you ordered. I am anatomically correct in all respects. I can sing, dance, and play the piano, play Golf and Tennis. I cook, clean, wash, and do the usual household chores. I can do your bank accounts, and bookkeeping. My program automatically contains all your sexual needs, perversions, and fetishes. I am easily aroused. Andy, I love you with all my heart. There’s no one else like you.”

Andrew said: “I’m astounded! This is more than I ever expected.”

Thomas Benton said, “That’s what you get for 3 million six. The whole works. She’s not like those cheap Japanese silicone ‘Love Dolls’  that cost from $12,000, to $36,000. They only can do one thing. They may do it well, but you don’t want to take one to a fancy restaurant or bar. You’d be embarrassed. Cindy, here, is a series 7. She can mingle with the most sophisticated crowds, and hold her own. Right Cindy?”

“Yes, I’m conversant in any field and I have answers to all the question. I won’t make you look bad, Andy. I can go anywhere with you. I’m 100% waterproof. We can go swimming, and take showers together. I can change my hair color, style, and length, into to anything you want.”

“Mr. Benton, I’m flabbergasted. She’s beyond my wildest imagination. How do you do it?”

“Mr. Thornton we have better programers, labs, and manufacturing facilities, than anyone else on earth. Even the government is jealous. Cindy, is ‘human,’ in every way.”

“If I wanted to take her out to eat, what happens?”

“She eats and drinks, just enough to be realistic. It goes into a ‘Holding Pouch’ which she can quietly empty in the privacy of the Ladies Room. Then she’s ready for more.”

“What about drinking?”

“If it were to be required of her, she could drink anyone under the table. Alcohol has no affect on her. But she can pretend to be drunk, or tipsy, depending on the conditions she senses around her. With your approval, of course. She can do a beautiful, blind, floppy drunk, if you needed one.”

“We have male Companions for wealthy women, with assets of 500 million or more, and want friendship in the most intimate way. Sometimes they are widows, sometimes not. But those Coms are a lot cheaper. All they have to do is look great and fuck like bunnies.  We monitor those Com’s actions VERY closely.”

“How do you monitor a Companion?”

“Each Com has a GPS locator and a transponder. We know where they are at all times. Second, their eyes are TV cameras that send visual data to the Computer Brain, and on to us at Base.”

“You mean you watch Cindy and me?”

“Yes, but only in an extreme case, if Cindy was in danger. We are not voyeurs. All our staff and production crew are Coms, and couldn’t care less. Don’t divulge this information to anyone else, by the way. It’s Uber Top Secret.”

“What if the Government wanted you to make spy?”

“We wouldn’t do it, and they wouldn’t ask. Our Coms are too easy to detect. An X-Ray or airport scanner would spot them right away, and there would be hell to pay. We are the only ones that makes these, so it would land on our doorstep. ‘Coms’ look perfect, but inside  there’s all sorts of things that can be detected.

The Nylon bone structure is a duplicate of human. Mother nature solved the problem of articulation, a billion years ago. It shows up like bone, in X-Rays. But there’s a good fifty miles of fine gold wire, her computer, and the Thorium Mini-reactor that powers her. The reactor is guaranteed safe, and good for 120 years. But you can’t hide it, if one went thru Airport Security, the TSA, would shit. So they fly by private jet.”

“If Cindy stays the same, what happens, when I’m 50?”

“Simple, you trade the body for a lovely 35 year old lady. It’s still Cindy, but the body looks and sounds different. We can keep this up, as long as you want. Or not, as you prefer. Remember, there are old men with bombshell wives.”

“There is something I still don’t understand. Why did your sales rep, Laura Andrews, single me out for a pitch? She called out of the blue, and said, ’She had a deal, I couldn’t pass up.’ We had dinner and drinks, then she opened up and went into fine detail, about your Program. She left nothing out. I was blushing, but signed on the line.”

“Well, Andy, it’s wasn’t out of the blue. We scan the market, and pick likely prospects. Men have to be billionaires, single, and discrete. You fit the profile. If the deal fell thru, Laura, would claim to be drunk and remember nothing.”

“After Laura told me how great the Coms are, I asked if she was a robot. She said, ”I’m as human as you are.”

“Try that one on Cindy.”

“Cindy, are you a robot?”

Cindy giggled and said “I’m as human as you are.”

“Holy Shit! Laura WAS a robot. Could I have seduced her?”

“Yes, she is a level 5, and can have sex to clinch the sale.”

“What if Cindy was there?”

“Andy, if you want to make love to another woman, I would let you seduce them, and even help you out in bed.”

“Holy Shit! I guess that’s what you get for 3.6 million?”

“And all my love, Andy.”

(written March 16, 2016

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